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SDI Engages Mining Communities in Western Liberia on Just Energy Transition

To document mining concessions about the protection of the environment and the rights of local communities in western Liberia, the Sustainable Development Institute (SDI) in late 2023 engaged mining communities in Grand Cape Mount and Bomi Counties on the Just Energy Transition (JET) project. 

The JET is a thematic program within the Green Livelihoods Alliance Forests for a Just Future. It connects local communities to global levels for struggles to address climate change by supporting a Just Energy Transition.

Financiers must increase pressure on palm oil plantation in Liberia

Intimidation, violence, and environmental destruction are rampant at the Maryland Oil Palm Plantations (MOPP) in Liberia. Dutch financiers such as the development bank FMO and pension funds are implicated in these issues. We urge them to increase pressure on MOPP and the palm oil company Wilmar.

How can NGOs help communities to govern their forests?

Community forest management can contribute to local development, while playing an important role in the protection and restoration of the world’s forests — crucial to tackle the global biodiversity and climate crises. The success of community forest management is influenced by the functioning of community-level governance arrangements. What role can the NGOs play in supporting and strengthening community-level governance?

GLA visits Dumagat-Remontado ancestral domain in Rizal, Philippines

Representatives of the consortium partners of the Green Livelihoods Alliance (GLA) trekked through the Tinipak River and Rock Formation in the Sierra Madre mountain range in Rizal province, Philippines last 18 September 2023 as part of a visit to the ancestral domain of the Dumagat-Remontado indigenous group.

The GLA representatives traveled to the Philippines to a conduct a Mid-Term Review from 19 – 21 September 2023 in Antipolo, Philippines (west of Manila).

From and for youth: Young leaders from the Amazon outline their priorities

After participating in a youth exchange in June 2023 youth leaders from the Amazonia in Bolivia, Colombia and Suriname proposed three strategic actions to be included in programmes in the region. The actions relate to knowledge, inclusion and incidence, and well-being.

Meat giant JBS plans IPO via Dutch parent company

Meat company JBS intends to list shares on the New York Stock Exchange via a dual listing under a Dutch parent company. Together with 16 other NGOs, we warn investors about the harm JBS causes to people, the climate, and the environment.

Malaysian timber giant drops lawsuit against SAVE Rivers

Two years after Malysian timber giant Samling filed a defamation lawsuit against Indigenous grassroots organization SAVE Rivers, the logging company has dropped the case on 18 September. The lawsuit, scheduled for trial the same day at the Miri High Court, was canceled after a last minute settlement.

Nickel mining for energy transition could destroy unique Indonesian forest

The energy transition requires huge amounts of minerals and metals, which are used, for example, in batteries and solar cells. Due to the increasing demand for nickel for rechargeable batteries, Indonesia’s Tompotika peninsula on the island of Sulawesi is threatened by mining. This would be at the expense of tropical forests and coastal ecosystems, such as coral reefs, which in turn are crucial for addressing the climate, water and biodiversity crisis. The Alliance for the Tompotika Conservation (AlTo) and IUCN NL co-produced a video to tell the story of Tompotika.